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7 Reasons Why Your Hair Won’t Grow or Has Slow Growth

➢ Lack of proper cleansing. Hair growth thrives when scalp is clean and healthy. Not cleansing your scalp and product buildup may hinder hair growth.

➢ Excessive heat. Using styling tools on high temperatures can be very drying to your hair, promote severe breakage and alter the molecular structure of your hair.

➢ Lack of moisture. When hair and scalp are dry, breakage is more likely to occur. Seal hair with natural carrier oils and avoid petroleum-based products.

➢ Wearing hairstyles too tight. Hair pulling styles can cause individual strands of hair to become thin and weak, especially around the hairline.

➢ Not eating a well-balanced diet. Eating nutrient-rich foods and drinking ample water daily can influence the health of your hair, its growth as well as the overall appearance. Restrictive dieting and lack of proper food intake can result in hair loss.

➢ Over-processing your tresses. Too many chemical treatments and straightening or curling hair too often can cause hair to fall out. Make sure to consult with your Cosmetologist and attain professional treatments at the scheduled time to minimize damage.

➢ Additional influences. Hair growth can also be impacted by other factors such as childbirth, major surgery, trauma, age, autoimmune disease, poor hair care regimen, stress and anxiety, family history, lack of sleep, hormonal changes and use of certain medications.

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