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Hair Care Tips for the Fall Season

Fall is here and so is drier air! Weather can play such an important role in how you maintain your hair. Try these 8 easy tips to assist your hair in making the transition from summer to fall:

1) Get the ends of your hair trimmed by a licensed professional and make sure to keep them moisturized. 

2) Look for products containing ingredients like olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil or avocado oil to moisturize/seal hair strands. 

3) Consider shampooing your hair less frequently and make sure that shampoo is sulfate-free. (Note: This tip could vary based on your level of physical activity and environmental conditions.)

4) Use a deep conditioner or hair treatment that contains plant oils and emollients along with ingredients to hydrate your hair. 

5) Switch to more cream-based styling aids or finishing products.

6) Protective styles that require no or low manipulation such as twists, cornrows (not overly tight), wigs, bantu-knots, loose buns, or updos are beneficial during the fall season for keeping hair moisturized and protected from the environmental elements that promote hair dryness and breakage. Remember to care for your tresses while in protective styles to combat frailty and breakage when you opt for a different look. 

7) Take a thorough look at your diet.  Drinking ample water, eating dark leafy vegetables, protein-rich foods, and fish or nuts high in omega-3s, for instance, may assist with enhancing the overall feel and look of your hair.

8) Invest in self-care. Doing things you enjoy or to minimize stress can impact the appearance of your hair and potentially ward off excessive hair loss not to mention unwanted illnesses or skin flare-ups.

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