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Say NO to Hair Breakage

7 Things You May Be Doing to Promote Hair Breakage

1) Using heat styling tools incorrectly or too much. Excessive heat, coupled with the lack of a heat protectant, heightens the risk of damaging the cuticle from extreme temperatures.

2) Overprocessing your hair. Perms, relaxers, professional straightening, and coloring can cause your cuticle to break down which results in hair damage if performed too frequently.

3) Lack of hair trims. It’s important to keep hair free of split ends. Split ends can travel up the rest of the hair shaft and lead to breakage.

4) Vigorously towel drying your hair. This type of rubbing motion can damage your hair when it’s most vulnerable. Gently press/squeeze hair with your towel to soak up excess water to minimize frizz, breakage, or static electricity.

5) Wearing elastic hair ties too tight and frequently. It’s important to wear your hair down periodically and make sure that your hair is loosely pulled together in a bun, ponytail or updo.

6) Not eating a balanced, healthy diet. When hair follicles do not obtain the nourishment needed to grow, the result may be, no or slow hair growth or breakage during the growth cycle.

7) Not addressing hair dryness. Dry hair can be attributed to a variety of factors. A poor diet, the use of hair care products that contain drying ingredients, or exposure to dry weather are just some of the contributors. Make sure to keep your hair moisturized giving special attention to the ends of your hair. Consider shampooing your scalp only with a sulfate-free shampoo and don’t forgo deep conditioning your hair once cleansed.

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