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What Can I Do About My Split Ends?

Split ends are damaged strands of hair that come in different forms. Some look like the letter Y at the ends of your hair or a fork in the road, while others look like a tree branch or a feather, a crinkle, a candle wick, white spots or a knot that typically breaks at that spot due to everyday styling. Physical damage and manipulation, heat styling tools, friction, environmental factors such as climate, poor hair care maintenance, lack of regular trims and your diet may cause your hair to be more susceptible to split ends. There are conditioners and other commercial treatments that claim to get rid of split ends, however they solely seal the split ends to hide them from view temporarily. Unfortunately, the damage is still there and relying on such products long-term is not a healthy option for your hair. Split ends are irreversible and need to be trimmed or cut off as soon as possible. Delay will result in your split ends traveling up the hair shaft, damaging the entire strand beyond repair.

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