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Lydia C

Hi Nikki, I have started using one of shea butter products and looking forward to trying others that will work well with my natural hair. My mother (in LA) and brother (in TN) are also trying the 180 hair products and so far, are seeing good results. Congrats to you and your husband for staying the course and making it happen.




Tina B.

I wanted to let u know I was taking my baby boy to the a dermatologist for what looked like a ring worm for treatment. It wasn't a ring worm but the products they gave us did NOT clear the mark that was left on his arm. I started using the she a butter a few months ago and as God is my witness the mark is GONEEEE!! I don't care where u r I am a customer FOR LIFE!!!! I loveeeee that product. I've shared it with a few of my coworkers but they said they were unable to order online. I'll be up there next month and will get another jar then...thx again and Be Blessed!!!!



Barbara B

Before and after Hair180. Nikki Rushing I love these hair

products. Today I Shampooed and added leave - in conditioner. Result is beautiful curls. Chemical free hair.



Elease G.

I love the way my "Custom Curly Custard" defines my curls. My hair is soft and moisturizered without buildup. I fell in love initially with the Leave in Detangling Conditioner and the Whipped Shea Butter. The shampoo has a rich lather and it doesn't strip my hair.  Thank you for excellent customer service and an excellent product line. #Hair180



Stacie S. 




Lynda A.

“I am so glad I discovered Hair 180 Revitalizing Shampoo and Daily Nourishing Treatment. Since I have semi-course and wavy hair, my look always was on the full and frizzy side. Using these new products has given me the sleek and smooth look I want, without losing the natural volume of my hair. The scent of the shampoo is clean and fresh and I only have to use it every other day. The daily nourishing treatment provides great conditioning and makes styling a snap!  These products are made locally and naturally for very specific hair types and needs. I highly recommend Hair 180.”


Yesenia H., Licensed Cosmetologist

My second over-the-counter product I chose for this week is Hair180 moisturizing ‪#‎hair‬ gel. Not that I'm the one to uses gels, but once in awhile it is needed for special occasions. 

I love this hair gel for many reasons: 1st, my hair does not flake what so ever and is soft to the touch. 2nd, it's not sticky and you can spritz the hair the next day with a water bottle to reactivate what is in your hair from the day before. 3rd, it really does moisturize the hair, just as the name says which is rare. 4th it has few ingredients in it which is always a plus. And last, 5th It doesn't matter if you have curly hair or straight hair. it works!



Jamita H.

First off, I would like to thank you for inviting my daughter and I out to the event today.  It was truly a great experience.  I also enjoyed speaking with you and your husband....such humble spirits!  I just finished braiding the back of Aniya's hair and I used the whipped Shea butter and the styling cream and her hair looks and feels amazing.  I was rushing due to her going to a sleepover, so I did not get a picture.  If I'm this happy on day one use, I know the experience will only get better! 

Thanks again and God Bless


Monique S.

Thank you Hair 180 and Nikki Rushing for helping me have the easiest hair experience with my 6 yr old that I have ever had!!!! Your Curly Custard, shampoo and leave in conditioner worked wonders... And it even smells good!


Her first wash with hair 180 and I'm loving it!!!! It smells amazing and already I notice a difference. Abriana's hair was so hard to comb through even after conditioning it. But tonight I was able to come through it with a comb didn't have to use a lot. So much lighter too I love it.. Bye bye heavy cream weighing her hair down. Just waiting for my styling cream to come


Regina S.

Nikki, just wanted people to know that your product and encouragement in wearing natural hair has been a blessing. Its been about 18 months since trying the product and my overall confidence and happiness just being comfortable with me is an awesome freeing feeling. This pic is the first vacation I've taken and left the "extra" hair at home. Wonderful trip!

Yetta D. LMBT, MMT 

I use the lavender whipped Shea butter formulated by Hair 180°. My clients loves how it doesn't leave them feeling oily and sticky. The lavender whipped Shea butter has a light texture and provides a smooth glide to the skin during bodywork ,it also prevents dryness and hydrates the skin during the massage. Here at Divine Essence Total Bodycare,LLC ~Hair180° is our top brand!!!!


Gigi H. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for developing your hair 180 products!!! As a woman who has been having a myriad of issues with my hair, I didn't know where to turn or what to do.  Specifically, your leave in conditioner, styling cream and whipped shea butter make all the difference in the health and appearance in my hair.  Hair 180 has made it aesthetically and intrinsically pleasing again.  Oh, and I must mention that my 11 year old son has the driest hair I have ever seen.  Your curly custard and whipped shea butter has given him the prettiest spirals I have ever seen. 

Thank you for all of the thought that you put into creating your products as well as being so health conscious. 


Antonia E.

I love products that make your hair healthy. Hair 180° is definitely that type of product. Contact Nikki Rushing to discuss whatever type of issues you may be having. She is very knowledgeable about hair care and ingredients in products that are damaging instead of healthy.


Monique S.

Thank you Nikki Rushing for your Hair 180 Revitalizing Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner@Detangler & Whipped Shea Butter...most think of your products for natural hair but I can give a testimony that it works just as well on relaxed hair and hair that is turning gray as a result of maturity!

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